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On the OG9-3 (1998-2002+2003CV) and 9-5 (1998-2010) the Tech-2 can program the Main Instrument Unit (MIU) with various tire sizes, so the speedometer is pretty close to right.


  • SAAB 9-3 MY98-02/MY03 CV or SAAB 9-5 MY98-2010
  • Tech2
  • SAAB 1XX.000 PCMCIA card


Gather information of which tire size you are using.


  • Select F0: Diagnostics
  • Select Model year
  • Select Saab 9-3 or Saab 9-5
  • Select F3: Body
  • Select MIU (Main Instrument Unit)
  • Select Speedometer
  • Choose your tire size in the list or press Manual to enter the dynamic tire circumference manually.
  • Select OK to program the new value.
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