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 +If you're having problems with the cars alarm system it's possible to deactivate the alarm with the Tech2. When you have problems related to the alarm system the message "​Service Theft Alarm" is often shown in the SID. One very common problem is that the batteries for the alarm siren is running out and needs to be replaced. This can lead to that the car will trigger the alarm spontaneously which can be very frustrating.
 +When you disable the alarm system the car will think that no alarm is installed. This means no warning messages in the SID and no spontaneously triggering of the alarm. Though it is highly recommended that you fix the actual problem with the alarm system as soon as possible and activate the function again.
 +====== Requirements ======
 +  * SAAB 9-5 MY98-10 or Saab 9-3 MY98-02 (& -03 CV)
 +  * Tech2
 +  * SAAB 1XX.000 PCMCIA card
 +====== Procedure ======
 +  * Select ''​F0:​ Diagnostics''​
 +  * Select ''​Model year''​
 +  * Select ''​Saab 9-5''​ or ''​Saab 9-3''​
 +  * Select ''​F3:​ Body''​
 +  * Select ''​TWICE (Theft Warning ICE)''​
 +  * Select ''​F3:​ Adjustment''​
 +  * Select ''​Anti Theft Installation''​
 +  * Press ''​Change/​Scroll''​ until ''​Without Alarm''​ shows up as desired setting.
 +  * Press ''​OK''​ disable the alarm.
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