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 +  - Discover that the TIS2000 package comes in a .7z file, and Windows (XP anyway) doesn'​t understand this.
 +  - Go download "​7zip"​. ​ There are others but they all want a handout in one form or another.
 +    - Use "​Advanced installation"​ to get at the 4 checkboxes to turn off the bloatware. ​ You only need 7Zip itself.
 +  - Once 7Zip is installed, use the right-click context menu in Explorer, on the TIS2000 .7z file, to Extract all its contents to a directory. ​ The target directory name should be SHORT. ​ Longer names (or possibly those with embedded spaces) will break the installer. ​ (I put it in C:\tis.)
 +  - Navigate to the subdirectory that contains SETUP.EXE. ​ Technically,​ "​.\TIS2000\Saab TIS2000 2.2008\cosids\."​
 +  - Run SETUP.EXE.
 +     - Choose your language. ​ (Hit "​Next",​ of course.)
 +     - Choose the destination directory for the installation. ​ Default is C:\Program Files\cosids.
 +     - Choose the "​Techline"​ serial port, the one you will use to connect the Tech-2. ​ COM1 is the default. ​ Few PCs have more than COM1 and COM2, if that.  )A very modern PC won't have a built-in COM1 at all, but a USB UART can be installed at this device location. ​ YMMV: they don't all work with the Tech-2.)
 +     - Choose the "​Hardware key" port. I used LPT.
 +     - Choose installation mode "​Standalone"​.
 +     - Watch as it installs TIS2000.
 +  - Go read the ReadMe!.TXT file at the top of the TIS2000 package directory, where you extracted all the files, and do what it says.
 +  - Test Tech-2 COM functions.
 +  - Test Tech-2 "​security access"​. ​ (Details tba)
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