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Holden VT/VX Installing and Programming a replacement BCM/PCM

When a new BCM or PCM is fitted to a VT or VX Commodore the must be linked before the vehicle will start.

  • Install new BCM.
  • Using the scan tool select VT/VX Commodore and go to Body > BCM > Security > Program new key.
  • Press Enter and follow the prompts you are then asked to input the BCM 6 digit security number from the top of the new BCM or from the box it came in
  • Follow the prompts and on screen instructions
  • Once complete, the BCM will remain disarmed.
  • Now go to program BCM to PCM link.
  • Press enter and wait for the programming to be complete.
  • Once it is complete, test the remote by activating the central locking, and also by disarming the BCM when turning on the ignition.
  • Now go back to security program additional key and follow the on screen prompts.

Note: New key pad remotes have to be used in conjunction with this procedure. A maximum of 6 key pads can only be programmed to a BCM on VT Commodore.

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