How to install the TIS 2000 software on Windows

  1. Discover that the TIS2000 package comes in a .7z file, and Windows (XP anyway) doesn’t understand this.
  2. Go download “7zip”. There are others but they all want a handout in one form or another.
    1. Use “Advanced installation” to get at the 4 checkboxes to turn off the bloatware. You only need 7Zip itself.
  3. Once 7Zip is installed, use the right-click context menu in Explorer, on the TIS2000 .7z file, to Extract all its contents to a directory. The target directory name should be SHORT. Longer names (or possibly those with embedded spaces) will break the installer. (I put it in C:\tis.)
  4. Navigate to the subdirectory that contains SETUP.EXE. Technically, “.\TIS2000\Saab TIS2000 2.2008\cosids\.”
  5. Run SETUP.EXE.
    1. Choose your language. (Hit “Next”, of course.)
    2. Choose the destination directory for the installation. Default is C:\Program Files\cosids.
    3. Choose the “Techline” serial port, the one you will use to connect the Tech-2. COM1 is the default. Few PCs have more than COM1 and COM2, if that. (A very modern PC won’t have a built-in COM1 at all, but a USB UART can be installed at this device location. YMMV: they don’t all work with the Tech-2.)
    4. Choose the “Hardware key” port. I used LPT.
    5. Choose installation mode “Standalone”.
    6. Watch as it installs TIS2000.
  6. Go read the ReadMe!.TXT file at the top of the TIS2000 package directory, where you extracted all the files, and do what it says.
  7. Test Tech-2 COM functions.
  8. Test Tech-2 “security access”. (Details tba)