Recognizing a Tech 2 Device in Windows XP


A Tech 2 device allows for the manipulation of various GM model vehicles. A cloned Tech2 device is knock off replica which is usually may be nearly identical in look quality and feel to an official Tech2 device at a fraction of the price. Using a Cloned Tech2 device may have downfalls like loss of quality, poor or improper programming, and or lack of operation. This article aims to deal with poor or improper programming and or lack of operation.

Manipulation of the Tech2 and TIS2000 System

In order for vehicle programming to occur the Tech 2 device ought to be updated to the most recent software, and typically a Windows operating system of 32/16 bit programming with TIS2000 or GlobalTIS installed.

Thanks to a fellow named GTurner598, the following links here (Requires free registration), and here contain information on the content needed to perform the tasks listed below for SAAB Tech2 compatible vehicles.

Recognizing the Tech2 Device on Windows

In order to properly communicate with the Tech2 device, Windows must first recognize the connecting cord as a communications port (COM port). This is easily accomplished on older computers which have DB9 ports built into the computer. On modern computers modification of the tech2 to use Micro USB, or a DB9 to USB serial converter must be used. When a serial converter is used, a generic driver will be installed and the device ought to be recognized; Windows 7 will mention which COM port is associated with the serial converter upon successful installation of the driver. Using Windows XP mode, the USB serial converter is not automatically accessed by the VM and must be activated for use in the top left corner under the USB drop down menu. For further success, the driver for the serial converter ought to be updated to the latest driver, which is located here. Found with the driver package is a COM port checksum program which authenticates if the connected with the serial adapter is operational. Windows XP does not outright note the associated COM port and may be found in the device manager or quickly viewed in USBDeview.

Setting Up the Tech2 Device in TIS2000

With the USB serial converter properly recognized by the Windows operating system, the device is ready to be recognized by TIS system. In TIS2000 under the configuration drop down menu select IO management, and click on Tech2. On the right side of there are Three important options for the Tech2 Device: Properties, Information, and Test. Under Properties, the COM port the Serial Converter is associated with is to be selected at a preferred connection rate. If the device is working proper, Test and Information will deliver capable device functions and device information respectfully.


Proper Software

It is important to note that the Tech2 device requires a different version of TIS for different vehicle systems. This means that SAAB requires SAAB compatible software , and GM Requires GM compatible software.

Updating/Flashing the Tech2

It is important to note that software download should NEVER be pressed in TIS2000 while the Tech2 is properly connected to the system. This program feature is faulty and will corrupt the Tech2 software, which has the capability to brick the device. If such a mistake happens and the device is not bricked, the Tech2 may be updated/reflashed with a Tech2 Card Writer program and desired Tech2 software.