Which hardware can write PCMCIA linear flash cards

In order to write PCMCIA Linear Flash cards you need specific hardware. In the summary below you may find working and non-working hardware. This will make your choice of hardware easier.


DellD430O2Micro OZ77CxxWorking 100%
DellD620O2Micro OZ77CxxWorking 100%
DellD630O2Micro OZ77CxxWorking 100%
DellD820O2Micro OZ711EZ1Working 100%
DellD830O2Micro OZ77CxxWorking 100%
HPnc6320Intel ChipsetWorking 100%
HPnx7400Intel ChipsetWorking 100%
HPnc8430Intel ChipsetWorking 100%
AcerAS5050Working 100%
AcerAS3680Working 100%

Note: Acer Series need to use the Memory card Explorer V3.21