Branching strategy

Using a branching strategy allows us to collaborate more easily. Each branch can a specific purpose or you can use a named branch, for example ‘tech2win' or ‘tech2-buyers-guide'.

Creating a branch

When creating a feature branch using a descriptive name, i.e. update-todo-list, as this makes more sense to others too.

Make changes

Commit your changes to your local branch on a regular interval while working with the files. At the end of your shift make sure that the changes are pushed to the remote repository in your branch. In this case others are aware of your changes and data loss is prevented.

Pull request

A pull request can be created when your package of commits result in a product increase, in other words; a complete set of files that can be consumed by our target audience.

Clean up the branches

After the pull request is accepted your branch will be removed from the online repository. Make sure that you remove your local branches too.