Configuration files

A default installation of Tech2Win gives two sample configurations; default and quickstart.

Default installation of Tech2Win

You can add/alter the configurations which is a cumbersome process or use the predefined configurations from the TECH2WIKI.

The Tech2Win .bin files are available on the Available Tech2Win .bin files page.

Brand / Type Version Language Configuration file
GM NAO v33.004 English tech2win_config_gm_nao_v33.004_en.conf
Holden 1997-2012 v157.000 English tech2win_config_holden_1997-2012_v157.000_en.conf
Holden Export v149.000 English tech2win_config_holden_export_v149.000_en.conf
Initial software v15.100 English tech2win_config_initial_software_v15.100_en.conf
NAO v33.008 English tech2win_config_nao_v33.008_en.conf
Opel GT / Chevrolet / HHR v30.004 English tech2win_config_opel_gt_chevrolet_hhr_v30.004_en.conf
Opel / Vauxhall v166.000 English tech2win_config_opel_vauxhall_v166.000_en.conf
SAAB NAO v9.250 English tech2win_config_saab_nao_v9.250_en.conf
SAAB v140.500 Russian tech2win_config_saab_v140.500_ru.conf
SAAB v148.000 English tech2win_config_saab_v148.000_en.conf
Saturn Astra v31.001 English tech2win_config_saturn_astra_v31.001.conf