• Tech2
  • CANdi
  • Opel card
  • Car Pass for Opel Astra and Opel Zafira


  • Select F0: Diagnostics

  • Select Year of the manufacturing

  • Select CAR model VECTRA C/Signum or Astra H or Zafira B

  • Select Body

  • Choose UEC

  • Turn ignition ON and confirm info about DTCS

  • Select F4 Programing Functions

  • Asrta H and Zafira want Carpass

  • Select Program Variant Coding

  • Astra H and Zafira ask you about CARPASS pin now. Type this and press enter to confirm.

  • Search Daylight Variants and set to variant 1

  • Hit program

Now Front lights is done. From now frontlights be working when engine is running.

To program REAR Lights Procedure is similar but we must do this at REC module.