Replacing BCM/PCM

Holden VT/VX Installing and Programming a replacement Body Control Module (BCM) or Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

When a new BCM or PCM is fitted to a VT or VX Commodore the must be linked before the vehicle will start.

  • Install new BCM.
  • Using the Tech2 select VT/VX Commodore and go to Body > BCM > Security > Program new key.
  • Press Enter and follow the prompts you are then asked to input the BCM six digit security number from the top of the new BCM or from the box it came in
  • Follow the prompts and on screen instructions
  • Once complete, the BCM will remain disarmed.
  • Now go to program BCM to PCM link.
  • Press enter and wait for the programming to be complete.
  • Once it is complete, test the remote by activating the central locking, and also by disarming the BCM when turning on the ignition.
  • Now go back to security program additional key and follow the on screen prompts.

Note: New key pad remotes have to be used in conjunction with this procedure. A maximum of six key pads can only be programmed to a BCM on VT Commodore.