Service light reset

## Holden Astra - Early

  • Press and hold trip reset button
  • Switch ignition ON
  • The letters INSP will appear in the display for two seconds
  • Keep trip reset button depressed until —- appears in the display.
  • Release trip reset button
  • Switch ignition OFF

Holden Astra - Late

  • Press and hold trip reset button
  • While holding trip reset depress brake pedal
  • Keep holding down brake pedal and trip reset button and turn ignition to ON
  • Keep holding both for about five seconds
  • The —- symbol should appear when reset is complete
  • Switch ignition OFF

Holden Barina

  • Turn ignition to position I
  • Depress the trip reset button next to tacho a few times until you see an oil can image on the display
  • Once oil can is displayed hold down trip button until 100% is shown
  • Switch ignition to OFF

Holden Captiva

  • Turn ignition ON
  • Within five seconds press the accelerator pedal three times
  • Check the oil light has been reset

Note: Make sure all doors, boot and bonnet are closed. Repeat procedure if first attempt fails.

Note: DIESEL - Only do this reset after an oil change is performed. It resets the counter for DPF forced regeneration's. If you do this without changing the oil, you risk getting the oil too diluted with diesel and can damaging the engine.

Holden RC Colorado

  • Turn ignition ON
  • Keep pressing the trip reset button until the OIL LIFE message is displayed
  • Once the OIL LIFE and RESET messages appear on the display press and hold the reset button until several beeps sound.
  • Turn the ignition OFF

Holden VT & VX Commodore

  • Switch ignition OFF
  • Press and hold up and down buttons
  • Switch ignition ON
  • Keep buttons depressed until RESET starts flashing
  • Release up and down button
  • Repeatedly press mode button until the service message is displayed
  • Press and hold up and down buttons until a beep is heard
  • Release up and down buttons
  • Switch ignition OFF
  • Switch ignition ON

Holden VY & VZ Commodore

  • Switch ignition OFF
  • Press and hold up and down buttons
  • Switch ignition ON
  • Wait three seconds
  • Release up and down buttons
  • Press and hold set button
  • There will be an audible signal when the reset is complete
  • Display will now read Service Reset no items
  • Release the set button
  • Switch ignition OFF

Holden VE Commodore

  • Switch ignition OFF
  • Press and hold trip button on steering wheel
  • Switch ignition ON
  • Release trip button
  • The message SERVICE RESET will appear in the cluster center display
  • Press and hold the scroll wheel until the display clears and an audible signal is heard
  • Switch ignition OFF

Holden VF Commodore

  • GM Oil Life System Resetting (Australia and South Africa Service Reminder)
  • Change Engine Oil Soon service reminder message appears in the instrument panel center. This message is triggered every 14.000 km from when last reset and is therefore not the same as Oil Life Monitoring. Oil Life Monitoring is switched off for Australian and South African vehicles.
  • Service Reminder Reset Procedure
  • Service Reminder message is reset using the global service tool or manually by the technician by switching ignition on and pressing the accelerator pedal three times.

Holden JH Cruze

  • Turn ignition to ON
  • Continue to press the menu button located on the indicator stalk until the remaining oil life percentage is displayed on the info screen
  • Press SET/CLR button on the end of the indicator stalk and press the brake pedal at the same time
  • When completed the remaining oil life should display 100%