Installing GlobalTIS

This section maps out the installation of the GlobalTIS


GlobalTIS is manufactured by General Motors Europe

GlobalTIS is the predecessor of the TIS2000 software. This software can be used in combination with the Tech2 device.

Requirements minimum

  • Windows XP - 32 bits
  • PDF reader

Installing steps

GlobalTIS version 2010 (146) and version 2011 (148)

  1. Start Setup.exe from the GlobalTIS installation media.
  2. Select your preferred language, default is "English".
  3. Introduction; click Next.
  4. License Agreement; Read carefully and select I accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next.
  5. Choose install Folder; Select a destination folder, default C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS, click Next.
  6. Select Parameter Value; Installation type: standalone, click Next.
  7. Select Parameter Value; Host: localhost, click Next.
  8. Select Parameter Value; Transbase Server Port: 5024.
  9. Select Parameter Value; Transbase Kernel Port: 5025, click Next.
  10. Select Parameter Value; Tomcat Default Port: 9080.
  11. Select Parameter Value; Tomcat HTTPS Port: 9090.
  12. Select Parameter Value; Tomcat Shutdown Port: 9091.
  13. Select Parameter Value; Tomcat AJP Port: 9092, click Next.
  14. Select Parameter value; Mail Server: [leave empty].
  15. Select Parameter value; Mail Port: 25.
  16. Select Parameter value; User Name: [leave empty].
  17. Select Parameter value; User Password: [leave empty].
  18. Select Parameter value; Mail Sender: [leave empty], click Next.
  19. Select Parameter value; Proxy Server: [leave empty].
  20. Select Parameter value; Proxy Server Port: [leave empty], click Next.
  21. Select Parameter value; Dealer Code (BAC): [leave empty], click Next.
  22. Pre-Installation Summary; Review the summary and click Install.
  23. Please Wait; This may take a moment.
  24. Install Complete; "Congratulations!" and click Done.

Configuration steps

Starting GlobalTIS

To start the GlobalTIS a new program is populated in the Start menu of windows.

  • Start
    • All Programs
      • GlobalTIS
        • GlobalTIS

Starting the GlobalTIS will open a internet browser, which ever is the default.

This will start the GlobalTIS web page at: http://localhost:9080/tis2web

Registration of GlobalTIS

  1. Please fill in your dealership information by clicking on Edit dealership data and fill in the required fields;
    • *Dealership ID : GlobalTIS
    • *Dealership Name : GlobalTIS
    • *Street : GlobalTIS
    • Zip / City : GlobalTIS | GlobalTIS
    • *Location : Afghanistan (default)
    • *Language : Albanian (default)
    • *Contacts : Name / Language GlobalTIS | Albanian (default), click Save
    • Information: "M5009: Dealership data stored.", click Ok
  2. Licensed users count : 1
  3. Subscription : SAAB
  4. Please register by clicking on E-mail/Fax registration in order to retrieve the registration details directly.
    • A PDF, containing the registration details, will be downloaded in your browser session.
    • Open this PDF.
    • Copy the Software Key to a text editor like Notepad or NotePad++
    • Make from the two lines of text a single line.

      Online method

    • Copy the URL in front of the registration code.
    • Open another tab in the internet browser for
      • Example URL
    • This will return a JSON object containing the following information;

      • key : DC3F-9440-3D70-0F11-CE09-8874-FC23-FB5D-6993-23CC-44B0-1F9A-1CA5-A312-F0B0-364A
      • subscriber : T987654321
      • hwid : 006D448BFF
      • installationtype : STANDALONE
      • users : 0
      • activation : GME-SAAB

      Offline method

    • [insert method]
  5. Logout from this screen and start GlobalTIS again once you have received the license key. The registration process will then be continued with item 6.
  6. Fill in the details gathered at point 4.
    • Request ID : (leave default)
    • Subscriber ID : T987654321
    • License-Key : DC3F-9440-3D70-0F11-CE09-8874-FC23-FB5D-6993-23CC-44B0-1F9A-1CA5-A312-F0B0-364A
  7. Please click the button ‘Register License Key' to activate.
    • Information: "M5014: The license key activation may take some time.", click Ok
    • License was registered and GlobalTIS has been activated. Please log-out (terminate the session via the icon in the upper right hand corner) and re-start GlobalTIS or log-in again. and click on Logout
    • Note: when the registration fails please repeat from step 6.