Connecting to a vehicle

The Tech2 can be connected to a car using the supplied cable, and one of the adapters. The most common is the [ OBD-II] port, which also supplies battery power to the Tech2.

The Tech2 receives power through the DLC cable connection to vehicles equipped with On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II). In the case of vehicles not equipped with OBD II, an external power source (i.e. using vehicle cigarette lighter or external AC/DC converter) must be used.


Cars with CANbus also require the CANdi module to be inserted in the cable inline, between the Tech2 and the car's OBD-II port. Some instructions warn to be careful not to connect the CANdi when it is not necessary (or omit it when it is) or risk damaging it, or the Tech2.

Tech2 with CANdi

Make Model Remarks
SAAB 9400 (900 94-98, 9-3 99-02 +03CV) No CANdi support
SAAB 9440 (9-3 Sport 03-) CANdi
SAAB 9600 (9-5 98-05) No CANdi support
SAAB 9600 (9-5 06-09) CANdi
SAAB 9650 (9-5 10-12) Not compatible with Tech2

Testing CANdi communication

[insert testing the CANdi connection]