Structure of the articles

For a logical overview of the articles a structure needs to be defined.

File and folder structure

  • folder_named_as_topic

Folder and filenames are set in lowercase except for the

This file describes the content of the folder and first # in the article denotes the header in the actual menu.


Sorting is based on the sort:x (where x is the index number) paragraph at the top of the .md files. The lowest value is set to 100 with a default increase of 100, allowing allows insertion of articles easily without necessarily changing the complete numbering of the topics.


sort: 400


Search functionality

Creating seperate .MD per topic results in a better search result as this is based on the .md files.

Article index

The following chapters are used;

  • Tech2
    • Tech2 overview
    • Tech2 kit
    • Tech2 sub-components
    • Tech2 adapters and accessories
    • Tech2 power supplies and cables
    • Tech2 PCMCIA kit
  • Using the Tech2
    • Working with the Tech2
  • Tech2Win
    • Tech2Win overview
  • Working with Tech2Win
  • Techline terminal
    • Techline software
    • How to install GlobalTIS
  • Which .bin-files are available
    • Cadillac
    • GM NAO
    • Holden
    • Isuzu
    • Opel GT / Chevrolet / HHR
    • Opel / Vauxhall
    • SAAB NAO
    • SAAB
    • Suzuki
    • Tech2Win
  • Tech2 media archive
    • Youtube links
    • Tech2 PDF Documents
    • Tech2 Image library
  • Contributing to TECH2WIKI.COM
    • Cloning the repo
    • Repository file structure
    • Technical Writing
    • Structure of the articles
    • Adding images to the articles
    • Virtual meeting room
    • To-do list