Installing TIS2000

This section maps out the installation of the TIS2000.


  • Obtain the TIS2000 installation files.
  • Navigate to the \TIS2000\Saab TIS2000 2.2008\cosids directory.
  • Run SETUP.EXE.
    • Choose your language.
    • Choose the destination directory for the installation. Default is C:\Program Files\cosids.
    • Choose the Techline serial port. COM1 is the default. The actual port depends on the Techline implementation, i.e. USB-to-serial converter.
    • Choose the "Hardware key" port, i.e. LPT.
    • Choose installation mode Standalone.
    • Wait while TIS2000 installs.
    • Read the ReadMe!.TXT file and execute the steps mentioned.
    • Test Tech-2 COM functions.
    • Test Tech-2 security access.