Unlock at key out

Enabling Doors & Trunk Unlock at Key out (Saab 9-3 2003-)

If you want your car to automatically unlock the doors and the trunk when you take out the key from the ignition lock, this function can be enabled with Tech2.


  • SAAB 9-3 MY03 or newer
  • Tech2 with CANDi module
  • Security Access
  • SAAB 1XX.000 PCMCIA card


To activate this function you will need security access which can be downloaded from TIS (TIS2000 or GlobalTIS).


  • Select F0: Diagnostics
  • Select Model Year
  • Select Saab 9-3 Sport (9440)
  • Select F4: All
  • Select F5: Most Common Adjustments
  • Select Doors & Trunk Unlock at Key out
  • Press Change/Scroll to change the desired setting to Yes (If Current Setting says Yes you already have the function enabled).
  • Press OK to program the new setting.